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Feint inconsistent lines after stopping desogestrel

I stopped taking desogestrel on 14th Nov, had an immediate short withdrawal bleed, full period from 8-12th Dec. Lots of unprotected sex before, during and after this. Ovulation (in theory) should have been 25th Dec but I had feint positives on 22nd, 26th and 27th Dec but no visible lines on the days in between. 

Already have 3 children  but never taken desogestrel before so unsure what it's done to my cycle! 

Have tender nipples, emotional highs and lows, nausea, and some bloaty, crampy pelvic feelings. All the signs are there but why the inconsistency on tests? (I appreciate it is super early days)

This is today.

This is 22nd Dec, so before the theoretical ovulation date...


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