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Advise on a couple of things please?

Okay so sorry for the long post.. 

I'm currently TTC ... I had sex on the 16th and 27th of Dec (predicted ov day 18th Dec, although I think I ov late around 21st) my AF was due 1st Jan .. I took a test the day before(am) and I see a very faint line... I'm now 3 days late and still no regular AF. I have been checking my cervical position etc regular and noticed that it's still medium position .. but the last 2 days I've had pinkish discharge on my finger .. but nothing when I wipe or pee? Is this implantation bleeding ? I took a test last night which I know isn't the best time and I think there's an even fainter second line but I'm not sure of my eyes are playing tricks on me or not it seems a lot fainter than the one I took B4 AF.. maybe it's because I tested at night?.. photo below of the 2 tests I took. I have fiddled with the contrast a little as it was mega bright ... I've had random dizzy spells a little bit of nausea on and off but not been sick and the past few days my breasts have been tender so I have a few symptoms but still no positive test even though I'm late. Can I still just be testing too early perhaps ?? Any advise would be much appreciated 👍


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