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Help 🤣 easy at home tests

Hi all! Just looking for some advice! 

I’m 27 - was on the pill/implant through my teens then switched to mirena. I had one for 5 years then had it replaced and then removed after 1 year as me and my partner agreed to try for a baby. It was removed on 27th October 22 - since then I have been cycle tracking using OPKs - according to them I have been ovulating around day 18-20 and have had 3 cycles around 31-32 days. 

I haven’t had a full on period yet but every month at day 30ish just had brown spotting not enough for a pad so I have counted this as a period on my tracker apps. 

This month we had sex 3 days through the ovulation window (one being day of ovulation). I wss 9DPO yesterday and I have 0 patience so did an easy at home strip, there was no immediate line and I thought I was being silly testing so early so I left it! I went back past about an hour later and it was showing as positive. I thought it may have been an evaporation line as I know people say these aren’t the most reliable so I retested and watched the line appear - quite faint. I was so freaked out as it was actually the 2 year anniversary of my nan passing away and before she passed she was convinced I had just had twin baby girls! I don’t have a pic of these two tests but they looked much like the one done this morning. 

I got a cheapie from the shops, done this one in the evening and I was finding it difficult to read as it had a weird reflective window on - I couldn’t see an immediate line so left it again. About 15-20 mins later I went back to it out of curiosity (I know I shouldn’t) and it was testing as positive. (First pic) 

This morning I have done an easy at home HCG and LH as well as cheapie and this is what I’ve got (second pic). The easy at home HCG I watched appear slowly over 3/4 mins as it did yesterday morning but the cheapie was negative. My LH is dark. 

I’ve ordered a first response and a digital but just wondering what people’s thoughts are- is it likely that I would get 3 false positive easy at homes? I know people do have issues with these. I’m just worried about trusting the cheapie as it was only positive after the 5 mins so worried this may be an evap line. But surely my LH shouldn’t be this high 4 days before AF… although I’ve never checked it so late in a cycle! 

Would appreciate any advice 🤣 

Also forgot to say the only symptoms I really have is very oily skin, I have 3 huge spots on my chin/lower face which I haven’t had bad skin in over 3 years ago (before I finished my course roaccutane). And I have had thicker white/cream discharge for about 4/5 days! (Sorry for TMI 🤣

TIA ❤️


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