Am I making myself feel pregnant?

I'm not sure if I am going crazy or what. I am only on cd 25 but for the past few days i've been sick to my stomach and peeing alot more frequently. I also have pain in my left side just like I did with my last pregnancy. But I had a neg urine test last Monday at the dr. I just bought a cheapie test that I am dying to take tonight, but I don't think I would have a pos yet even if I am pregnant. Is it possible to have symptoms this early? Or might I just be coming down with the flu or something?


  • It's poss that you could be pg luvvie!!! I would wait until the morning when your urine is less dilute and take the test then, i know it's hard, but it is only one night (i know pot-kettle-black!)

    I really hope you are! But last month cos a was a mad woman and i think i managed to convince myself that i was with all the symptom spotting - which was just signs of AF, but what you have described is encouraging!!!

    Let us know how you get on!!!

    Jodie xx
  • Thank you Jodie image. I caved though and took a dollar test tonight which was neg, but I really feel like I am. So I am going to wait until the 17th and test again if af doesn't show up. The evil tricks our bodies play on us huh? I really wish that we could find out at the moment of conception lol maybe technology will be able to some day. Good luck to you also, hope your bfp comes this cycle image. I will definitely stay posted...
  • good luck bb!! hope to see a bfp from you!
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