How long for cycle to start again?

Im so confused. How long does it take for your cycle to return after a natural miscarriage?
I miscarried beginning of November it has been 4 wks since I stopped bleeding but still no period. I think im proberly just been impatient. Im not pregnant yewt as I have done a test which was neg n I dont have any preg signs. Need to stop been so impatient!


  • my first one came 33days after MC, but some ladies have had to wait much longer, up to 6-8 weeks. hope it comes soon for you. maybe test every week or 2 til it comes as you never know when you'll ov after MC.
  • how many weeks were you hon? i had an mc at 6 weeks, counted the first day of bleeding as cd1 and the next one came 30 days later. i also checked ovulation inbetween an got a + at around cd16.

  • Think I may ahve put my reply up twice sorry. Keep having slight pain in the centre of my stomach which is weird so maybe I will just come on. Want to hurry up so I can work out my ovulation dates but I know I will be gutted when I do because I wont b preg.

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  • Hi I did just send a message some where but it hasnt came up. I was 6 wks as well. If I count the 1str day I started bleeding then I would now be on day 35. Dont seem to know what my body is doing any more.

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  • i had a mmc at 12 weeks and i ov'd 6 weeks later and AF 2 weeks after that, xx
  • thanks for ur reply. Will leave it another 4 weeks and see what happens. I think u just know if ur preg n I dont feel it at all. It clinging on to any hope of been preg again. Sad or what.
  • the wait seems to take forever and so!! i got AF almost 4wks after d&c however now i should of gotten my 2nd cycle Af 3days ago n still no show with a neg. pgt? have heard of some ladies taking 4-9 wks for their first af
  • Have decided to do a test 2nd wk of January. Hopefully I should know one way or other by then. Unless I do get any preg signs that is. R u going to re test? I will keep my fingers crossed 4 u.
  • I am at the moment on day 37 after an erpc after a mmc. No sign of af and a bfn yesterday. So on to next week and see if it has arrived than, otherwise it will be another test. image
  • I think it's quite an individual thing. For my part I had an mmc/erpc at 12 weeks, then af 33 days afterwards.

    I know it's hard, but I think you might have to just be patient (very hard, I know!!)
  • I know I do need to be patient as im just making the time go even slower. Keep feeling as though I should of got my AF as I have all signs of been on but no bleeding???????? Need to stop trying to read my body I think. How much do u want to bet that Father xmas will bring it.
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