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False positive

I was diagnosed with PCOS. Trying to conceive for a year but stopped my vitamins and meds on Jan and got my period on feb 12. I used urine PT on mar 22 got a faint line tested again for the next days mar 23-26(got excited) but got only faint lines. Then i started spotting on mar 24(light brown) and on mar 27 spotting turns to light red and got my period it was so confusing that i decided to take a blood serum pregnancy test the next day and got a positive results. Light period blood clots during urinating only light cramps only. went to my OB she said that i should try to take a test again after a week  pls HELP!!! Am i pregnant or what?


  • Wow how strange, did you end up getting any answers, a blood test saying positive is very accurate. If it's went away it could be the body recognised that it's wasn't the best egg and sperm possible so didn't continue to divide cells 
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