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Late & confused

I’ve been trying to convince now for about 18 months with no success, I have always had regular cycles that are 28 days with periods being 5 days this has been consistent for the last 18 years, im now 32 & the last 4 months I have had cycles ranging from 21-33 days, I am now on day 35 of this cycle no sign of a period I have tested the last 2 days both with negative results, however I’m bloated, nauseous, & not interested in smoking at all which is not normal for me, has any one else had a similar experience or any advise as I don’t know if the anxiety of it may be having an affect on it or if I’m thinking to much about it 


  • I’ve been going through the exact same thing! Always been dead on time starting my period every month but I’m now always 4-5 days late! Not sure what’s going on, it’s so disheartening isn’t it every month!! I’ve started to think maybe it’s the stress of trying so hard? X 
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