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POAS addict - let’s talk internet cheapies

Okay ladies, anyone else here have a POAS addiction? I’m testing like 3x a day since I got what I believe to be an evap at 6dpo (no positives on any other tests, but I got 3 vvfl on 3 separate tests within 3 minutes around 6dpo. I am now 8dpo and I bought a different brand (easy@home) that are all negative. Here’s 2 of the tests with faint lines, they are proov pregnancy tests that aren’t well known for evaps and can catch 10hcg. The ones I have now are easy@home and test 25hcg. I ordered more proov that are coming tomorrow. Pics attached of either very early positive or evaps. Pics taken within the 10 min mark. Anyone have experience with proov vs easy@home.
anyone have suggestions for the most sensitive kinds of internet cheapies that don’t have evaps? I also ordered wondoflo! 

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