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Reassurance please 🤯

Hey everyone, just after some reassurance that I’m not going mad 🤯

I had a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks in March of this year and needed an ERPC. Prior to this I was on the mirena coil for 7 years and the pill before. I had the mirena removed at the end of October 2022 and fell pregnant in the January - I never actually had a period between coming off contraception and testing positive. 

After the miscarriage I have ‘sort of’ had periods with only one day of spotting so I have been charting them as periods as I seem to ovulate (according to LH tests) around 18 days later. My cycles have been about 32 days long. 

I think I ovulated on the 21st or 22nd August which would make me only 7 or 8dpo but yesterday I was nauseous in the morning and then had brown discharge in the evening only when wiping. This only lasted for the one time I went to the toilet and had nothing since. I feel a bit bloated but no other symptoms apart from that. I did a test earlier today and had a very faint line, I’ve repeated it now with a LH test too and still showing faint. It’s more visible on the thinner test strip I really have to squint to see it on the easy@home - I’m not sure if I’m convincing myself it’s on the easy@home because I can see it on the other or whether it is there but not as dark! I know some cheapie tests are famous for false positives 🫠

I know I’m only 7/8 dpo so will keep checking over the next few days and will probs save the digital till Thursday or Friday hopefully if I am then I’ve built up enough hcg. Just wanted peoples opinions to make sure I’m not going mad 😬😂. First pic was this morning, second was at 6pm!

So apprehensive because of what happened last time and I’m trying not to stress but it’s so much easier said than done isn’t it!! 

Thank you ❤️


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