Message from a former TTC after miscarriage girl!

Hi ladies.
I just wanted to send you all a huge blob of PMA and encouragement. I had a mmc in July 2008. I was devastated. I had got pg the first month of trying, so after the initial disappointment I felt confident that I'd be pg again quickly. We started ttc as soon as af arrived 4 weeks later, but nothing seemed to happen. Month after month I was gutted when af arrived. 8 months later I got my BFP. I was so excited, but really scared that it would happen again. I had an awful pregnancy, was sick pretty much every day from 6 weeks. Then at 30 weeks I was admitted to hospital with sudden and severe pre-eclampsia, and my tiny little daughter Ffion was born by emergency c-section the next day. She weighed 2lb 4oz. To cut a long story short, she was in SCBU for 8 weeks and came home 2 days before Christmas. I am sitting here now, typing with one hand as I cradle my fast asleep, 6 month old little miracle in the other. I guess what I want to say is hang in there, it happened for me, it can happen for you. I hope you all get you BFPs very soon. :\)
Lots of love,
Beth and Ffion.


  • That's a lovely story and congratulations on your little bundle of joy. So glad you could get her home just before christmas too.

    This does give us all good hope

    Thank you for sharing your success story with us xx
  • Thank you for sharing hun and all the best to you and your gorgeous daughter xx
  • Ahh hun that is such a thoughtful thing to do. I'm really pleased you took the time to come back here and share your story!

    I hope one day i can do the same whilst cradling my little miracle bundle of joy! Glad everything worked out well for you hun!

    Huge congratulations and lots of love

  • How thoughtful of you and how lovely - i am so pleased for you. You take care xx
  • Thanks for sharing your story! Your inspiration is what keeps me going on bad days! 5 months past mmc tomorrow!
  • Beth, that is a lovely story, thanks so much for sharing it with us! and congrats on your gorgeous baby girl.

    Heaven knows I need some PMA right now!

    Lots of love x
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