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Does anybody else see a line on the 3rd test? Or am I crazy??? 
It’s soooo light. 
This will be the 14th month we’ve been trying.
i had some light pink discharge 10 DPO and some neausia around then too. I am peeing a lot and don’t have the pre period symptoms I normally do. Please please tell me something that will make me more patient! My period is due in 3 days and I think I am taking 4 tests a day at this point. Grrrrrrrr. 


  • Am I crazy… I feel crazy 
  • I think it’s indent bc now that the test is “dry” it isn’t there anymore. I also took a clear blue and it was pretty clearly… negative. lol I’ll take one more digital in the am with first morning urine and if that’s negative, I’ll just wait for AF. I wish I would’ve gotten more replies here, I’ve literally been in rabbit holes all day. 
  • The plot thickens !!! Is this indent lines? Is this a debunked test?
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