Anyone else jealous of others and like they're crackin up?

My cousin is 15 weeks pregnant and she announced her pregnancy a week before i got my bfp. She told the world (literally announcing it on facebook) when she was only 4 weeks gone and i remember thinking i'd never do that in case anything happened.

She updated her status yesterday going on about her bump showing and i can't help feeling resentful. Don't get me wrong, i'm very happy for her, but i just keep thinking why her and not me? Like it's not fair she got to keep hers and i didn't.

It's getting easier seeing other bumps and pushchairs around but every now and again i have a "slip" and feel so upset and angry at people that i feel like i'm destined for the nuthouse.
On top of that, i'm desperate to be pg again, wishing i could forward time to when i can get a bfp again and AF arrived an unexpected 2 weeks after d&c on sunday!!

ever feel like the world is against you?! :roll:


  • Hi, I feel like the world is against me all the time! I had my MC in September while on holiday in Cuba, we were meant to be celebrating our 1st Wedding anniversary. it took us 9 months to fall pregnant and I would have been due this month. Since this my sister in law fell pregnant, and wasn't sure that she wanted the baby, but she is now 27 weeks. I'm still to fall pregnant and find it really really hard. Also had 3 deaths in my family since MC just wish some happiness would come my way!!

    Keep your chin up, it does get easier I promise x
  • Hey, I am 3 of us work found out we were pregnant within a wk of each other. I was the last to find out, as we are close we all told each other one of the girls is my best friend. Unfortunately 2 out the of us lost our bean's and my best friend is still pregnant.

    My scan should have been last wed and her's was on the Thurs I was so jealous of her, she is still smoking like 12 fags a day which I hate and she is always moaning that she feels sick and is uncomfy. I love her to bits but hate some of the things she is doing.

    She is trying to quit smoking but before she found out she stopped then she started again the wkend she found out.

    I know how you feel hun.

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