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Anyone seen / heard from Lady 2188?

Not seen Lady2188 around here for a while?

If you're reading this, I hope you're okay and not stressing too much about family etc.

Stay in touch hun.

H x


  • hey hun, she was on here yesterday, she posted on my thread if you wana go see what she put, says she is still waiting for her ovuation.

    just thought i would let you no xxx
  • Hi hun,

    I'm here! Yeah as Sally says i'm on cd 19 and still got no peak on the cbfm image So feeling quite frustrated to say the least.

    The family situation is a little better because we're ignoring them. They seem to have backed off abit now that OH has been to visit the baby. I've blocked her status' on facebook too so no longer bombarded by it. I have a feeling they have their little debates about "how selfish i am " etc, but i don't feel that bothered anymore tbh which is all good!

    How r u doing hun?
  • Hiya duck

    Sorry, I sent out this message then not been on myself! been busy with work and enjoying the sunshine!
    Ive no idea where I am in CD as still waiting for AF but have been BDing as could be fertile! lol
    Had the worst cramping today on one side, praying its implantation but think im just getting hopes up!

    Glad you are letting family just go 'over your head' thats what i try to do honey, apart from the occasional mad ranting i have to do to my girlies in the pub! lol

    Someone on TTC has your old baby pic, is that why you've changed it? Noticed other day! Thief!

    H x
  • imageI save my rants for when i see my mom :\) But since i've just posted a pic of myself on the other thread i'd best be nice now eh?!

    I didn't realise someone else had it until i changed it. It was weird, i was flicking through posts and i saw the pic and thought "i don't remember posting on here" and then i realised it weren't me :lol:

    I have a feeling i might be ov'ing now, got some cramps and cm (sorry tmi) so i'm so happy! I though i'd only be worrying about BFN's but no even OV time has decided to give me something to worry about :evil:

    I wish i could be as relaxed as you have hun, but since my mc i seem to have gone into ttc overload lol!

    I really hope we both get in DIM, it would be ace to be over there with a few of the ttc after mc ladies i've got to know image

  • Relaxed??? You're joking! Its only because I havent had first proper cycle yet - Had loads of EWCM for 2 days on 27/28th but not sure what CD day that would have been....maybe 17/18 if counting 1st mc day and CD 1? Who knows!

    Id love to just jump back into DIM or DIA our 3rd anniversary is april 25th and i would love to have 3 of us by then!
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