Bloody Brilliant!

i got a image just half an hour ago! woo hoo! PMA is brimming! This is the first confirmation of OV i've had since the beginning of FEB!!! and no bleed b4 hand!!! i'm still in shock, no sleep for OH this eve, he had the night of last night so not a chance tonight! lol, oh and it's the earliest i've ov'd in the whole 2 and a bit years we've been ttc! cd14/15! nuts, image xxx


  • yay good luck. sending you lots of baby dust for tonight.

  • That is bloody brilliant!! I got that same lovely smiley face today too (cd15) Have fun tonight and may it bring a bouncing baby your way in 9 months time xx
  • Brilliant news sweetheart. Enjoy tonight and lots of luck xxx
  • Your right that is bloody brilliant!! It has nmade me want to get a CBFM even more - just cant believe how expensive they are!!

    Happy b'ding remember to enjoy it!!xxx
  • Rocky that is bloody excellent hun, im so happy for you, now get hubby in the sack, dont wana see you on here untill it's time for SS LOL xxx
  • yay fab news!! laura's right. get off t'internet until you're 3 or 4 days past ov!!!! LOL. have fun image
  • Rocky I am so happy for you........ at last back to some sort of normality and a good hope that you may get a BFP some time soon. If anybody deserves this it is you!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy the next few days and fingers crossed that this is your time. Good luck and lots and lots of stick baby dust to you x x

    P.S I think I am eventually back to normal, had a normal 5 day AF and am now on CD15, still no smiley face yet, but before MMC I was on a 32 day cycle so hoping I am back on to this, I should see smiley face any day now, hubby is away on a trip until Sunday so I am hoping I see it Sunday so we can do lots of BD'ing.

    Lots of PMA for you x
  • hi ya rocky,

    that certainly is bloody brilliant news!! im so glad for you hun, and its great to see you with PMA,

    now go and wear your oh out!!!!!!

    lots of love


    x x x
  • hey all, both old and new! ha ha, thanks so much guys, something so simple yet ur all so supportive. Bd'ing isn't over but gota give DH some breather! lol, early night tonight though!image

    kwn - when was ur image we could ss together and drive each other mad! lol

    MrsAd - they are expensive but i got mine for ??50 from ebay, and the sticks i get from ebay as well. amazon also do good deals, because of my cycles and that i'd be insane (more than i am now anyway!) without it!

    Laujai + Gems - lovely to see you still! miss you both but hope those bumps are growing!!! i knew you oldies would understand. i also got a letter from the hosp today about my gynae app, no date yet but least it's confirmation that the referrals been made! still waiting on one for DH though... i actually can't believe its been so long since i've been able to properly TTC! 4 whole months! hell. lots of love xx

    3054 - hey hun, hows you? glad things seem to be normal, just try not to stress is it takes a day or 2 longer, not a bad thing if he's away! have my fingers crossed for yuo hun!

    pb- great to see you hun! how's all with you??? have to admit it's a great feeling, god, i'm actually going to get a chance to ss! woo hoo! yay! xx
  • Yay, fab news sweetie image Hope you're having lots of fun ;\)

  • Really chuffed for you! Lets hope its a BFP month for you! xxx
  • Hi rocky_kiz, i got my smiley yesterday morn but am really confused now as (stupidly) i tested again today and nothing! I didn't expect one yesterday and i got it about 5 hrs after hubby and i had bd'd! Does that affect it? Stupid question i know, feel a bit daft asking it really, but thats why i tested again today. He's working nights and came home early yesterday morn, we're generally not usually at it that time of morn! However we had a ridiculous argument today and have barely even looked at each other, think i'm starting to get obsessed and it's driving him (and me) mad :cry: so today is out and now i'm panicking that yesterday may not have counted. God this ttc lark is doing my head in!!!

    But as we've both had a smiley and managed some loving(!) i'll be up for some ss soon!! And I promise not to test too early if you promise not to!x
  • Woo hoo Rocky!! Jump hubby the minute he walks through the door, give him a pint of water to refuel and repeat!!!!
  • Thanks rainbow and fairy-t!

    kwn- i've read lots of times that it's better to have some sperm 'waiting' if you like as it can take them a while to get there and they hang around a few days before dting..ew. but anyways, otherwise the egg can deteriorate before u get chance to get them there if that makes sense! Laujai that used to be in here only BD once before her OV time was convinced she hadn't done it but she did! try not to get obsessed, i know thats hard but it does make things hard for the guy, espesh if that's the only reason they think u want sex! def not up for early testing as i know how hard it is! been there far too many times! lol

    hey mp! how are u doing hun? lol, well the last 2 nights have been succesful so hoping for a 3rd time lucky tonight! lol. xx
  • sorry being rather thick i'm sure but what does ss stand for? i've tried guessing but not getting very far!!
    Sue x
  • ss = symptom spotting looking for signs you might be preg between ov and AF/BFP time.

    Rocky the bump is indeed growing - 28wks today image I'll always keep checking in here til all our original gossip thread ladies get their bfps. got to check on you and MP image
  • thanks makes sense now I know!! lol xx
  • aw cheers gems! i like that! well now officially in the 2ww! eak! this was also the first cycle i've had EWCM and well there was rather a lot of it!!! so hoping that it's a good sign! xx
  • hey Rocky, good news honey - not been in here for a while but like to keep popping and see how the girls are doing.

    plenty bonking for you!
    Joy and Poppet 10+2
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