at last

af found me yeasterday after a few days of quite painful soo glad even though its a lot sorer than usual at least im functioning again.i was a bit scared in case i got pregnant so glad im not as ideally id like to prepare my body from now on.its such a relief.35 days it took (normally 28 days) so i guess im very at least i know its a matter of time now.patience is a virtue lol.i c wasnt ready for a new pregnancy so soon after our wee button.i still miss her potential.anyway ot did you ever see such rain.hasnt stopped.those poor people that have been flooded out.some christmas theyre going to have.aanyway hope yopu all well and happy and get good news soon.xxxx


  • Hi Roisine - That sounds just like me, AF found me after 37 days and my cycle is usually 28 days. I'm glad that you have gotten what you want for the moment, and you can try and get back to some sort of "normal" routine.
    I live in Yorkshire and the rain actually woke me up last night, it was raining so hard!! Bless the poor souls who won't be in their homes for Christmas image
    Have a good day xx
  • oh to have such a short regulare cycle! lol. glad your both 'on the mend' as it were. xxx
  • glad she found you, the one time you want her to!
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