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when to test after natural MC


i was wondering when would you do a HPT if you thought you were PG straight after a MC without having an AF. it seems as though you can expect AF between 4-6 weeks after MC but for those that have caught straight away how long did you leave it before testing?

I don't for one minute think i am, but was just wondering as so many people seem to be so different with how long they have had to wait for AF after MC i thought i would ask.



  • Hi fids123
    I don't really know. I guess it's different for everyone.
    I mc'd at 12 wks, 4.5wks ago and I am still +ve test from the mc, & still bleeding although it is getting lighter, so I won't be testing for quite a few wks after my bleeding stops.
    If I felt pregnant again I would try to wait a week or two before testing.
    Hope all goes well for you.
    Wishing you a BFP very soon x
    nettie x
  • I was wondering this as well, I only bled for 5 days after my natural mc so we are starting to ttc again this week, I am using ov sticks to give me an idea of when or if I ov so I sapose if I do get a positive on 1 of them I'll count 2 weeks after that and use a FR or something xx
  • I got pregnant in the my first cycle after my mc. I didn't have an af before testing positive. I didn't test until what should have been my 2nd af was late. So it was about 9 weeks after the mc. xxx
  • Faithie - hope you don't mind me asking, but how many weeks pg does that make you? does the doctor count from your mc? x
  • Hi Huni,

    Initially my GP dated me from the first day of bleeding from the mc like it was a period. I had a scan last Friday thinking that I was 10 weeks but the scan showed the baby at 7 weeks so that puts me at 8 + 1 today. The GP said the only reason they like you to wait a cycle before ttc again is for accurate dating but an early scan solved that problem anyway. Good luck to everyone ttc this year. I just like to come on this forum every now and again and encourage people that it can and will happen for you all as it did for me xoxoxo

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