Deed is done :)

Well we started Baby Dancing on Friday and it didn't hurt at all actually made me realise how much i had missed it haha! We had a lovely evening which was toddler free and i got breakfast in bed the following morning which i could so get used too and i didnt have to share it with the aforementioned toddlers haha!
We then got dressed at about 10 (after more baby dancing) obv making good use of toddler free zone haha would be a crime not too!
Went and got toddlers from the mother they reluctantly left Grandma (obv had a really good time haha...and were no bogher at all...typical lol) and had a lovely family day out in the sunshine involved beach, park, ice cream, food, candy floss and 2 very hyper 15mnth olds having the time of their life. A very happy mummy and a wonderful daddy all together. Not streessing about getting pg if it happens great if not then we try again image I have a lovely family anyways and i think that sometimes we can forget that when we are getting into babymaking routines and the monotomy that is daily life it really made me feel great and truly blessed! Perfect strangers came over and made a fuss of the twins and told us how gorgeous they were etc....i had to agree naturally though it always amazes me how ppl can do that even if i do see a gorgeous baby i wouldnt go over and comment on that to the mother would you guys??
We took the girls on the merry-go-round at the fair too and the slides haha! They have the baby jumping jack which we put the girls on Ruby loved it but Ella looked decidedly unamused and rather sick through her screams bless her! Sand castles defo went down well and i couldnt be happier than i am with Sam and my two gorgeous Daughters image Its like a cloud of sadness and worry over Ella and the MC has been blown away and im still here happy and blessed even if the twins wernt meant to be! I already have one set lets not be greedy! image
Hope you ladies are ok image xxxxxx


  • Hi, really pleased BD went well! And that you had a great day out, sounds just what you needed. Best of luck with everything sweet. Zxx
  • Glad it went good. Nice to got some relaxing whilst the children are out. It is nice that you had a good evening, lots of fun. And it is great to see you got good spirit. image
  • Sounds like you had a great time hunni, and it seems that it did you the world of good!

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