Had a BFP this morning and trying not to get too excited. Had BFN last week with Boots test but used a superdrug test this morning as symptoms were more noticeable - ie my breasts are huge (well comparatively) and hurt! But back of mind think whether it could still be detecting levels from M/c last month? Aren't superdrug tests supposed to be really sensitve? Am also frightened to death that the same thing is going to happen if I am pregnant...argh!!!


  • great news. i would be the same as you. it must be so nervy. loads of pma and good luck
  • Ahhh congratulations! I'm not surprised you're nervous about it, I know I will be should I ever get a BFP again. Try not to stress too much about it (easier said than done I know). All the best for a happy and healthy pregnancy xxx
  • congratulation luvvie - great news - how many DPO are you?

    Just wondering for testing this month!!

    Jodie xx
  • Thanks guys...still not sure I believe that it is positive and not just left over from m/c! In terms of DPO I have no idea! Wasn't really ttc but not being careful and m/c has thrown everything out. I don't really know how the doctor will date if it turns out I am really pregnant!:\?
  • yeaa! congrats!
  • Congrats hun!! Hope u have a happy and healthy 9 months!! Did u have AF after MC? xx
  • Congrats. Would a blood test be able to tell if it's mc or baby? As for dating they'd just have to work it out from the scans. Take care and fingers crossed for you x
  • Congratulations hun. You wouldn't have had the BFN if it was HCG from your previous pregnancy. Sounds to me like you got pg straight away after ur MC. I did that too - and now I have a 6 month old son. image x
  • I went to the doctor who said that it was a "new" pregnancy and I am about 5 weeks again. I was offered another trip to EPU but refused. Don't think there is any point so early on. Just wait and see - it is a long time to 12 weeks and every slight bit of pain worries me! Trying to keep PMA and not worry too much - easier said than done.
  • Thats fantastic . Sending you lots and lots of love and angelpower x senga x
  • congrats!!
    if it was a boots test you got a bfn on last week why not do another boots one in the next week, then when it's bfp it'll reassure you that it's def new. If the doc says it is then I'm sure they know what they're talking about anyway!
  • Congratulations!!
    I had a miscarriage at the beginning of October at 10 weeks , I was put to sleep. I didnt take any tests afterwards, I never thought to do it, but I was feeling really tired etc so I took a test a week ago and it said pregnant 1-2! I didnt want to get my hopes up, so I waited and took another at the weekend and got pregnant 2-3! Called EPU and they said it is a new pregnancy too. I just cant believe it has happened so fast? I didnt even get a period in between. Has it happened right away for you too? I am worried that something will go wrong again, I dont think I will believe it until I actually give birth!
    Cogratulations again! Heres to a happy 9 months! xxx
  • Congrats Tigger - you wouldn't see an awful lot at 5 weeks but perhaps a 7 or 8 week scan would help put your mind at rest and bump start your PMA - also breaks the wait for 12 week scan!!

    Melanie congratulations!! Saw your name as last poster and thought "hmmm wonder how she's getting on", am so pleased for you xx
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