Officially in 2ww and feeling weird UPDATE :(

I have been feeling strong pregnancy symptoms for about 5 days, but I don't want to be disappointed. I have been feeling sick to my stomach, peeing alot more often, very very tired. It was so hard getting out of bed today, hubby was off today so he let me sleep in for an extra hour. Usually I feel better and more awake after I shower, but I just got out of the shower and I feel just as tired as I was when I woke up. I didn't have any of these symptoms with either of my other pregnancies, so Im not sure if I really am. I'm nervous that my test will be negative on the 17th, and then I will be upset over the Christmas holiday. AF is due any time now and this morning I had a weird crampy feeling on the right side of my ovary and the pain went kind of down through my bladder, but it's gone now. My breasts aren't really too sore either, so it seems as if AF might be late. Any advice? :\?

Ok so I caved and I regret doing so. I took a clearblue earlier and it was of course negative. Although I still feel pregnant, sickness and all. I am hoping that it really was just too early, so now I really am waiting until dec 17th to test again (assuming af doesn't come). Thank you for the words of wisdom, I am def not testing early again image

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  • Good luck hun, I felt extreme tiredness in all of my pg & funnily enough I am at the moment, I dont think im pg though!!

    Are you gona test soon? xx
  • I am praying that this is a good sign. I plan on testing dec 17th since that was my edd, but I am dying to test early! I told hubby that I want to test today and he said he knew I couldn't wait two weeks lol. But I don't want to get a false result so I will probably wait. I will keep my fingers crossed for us both!!
  • fingers crossed sweet! it really is better not to test early (not that i haven't done it! lol) but the heartache can come on quite strong getting a BFN! x
  • Hmmmm..... the signs sound hopeful but then the placebo effect can be really strong when we want to believe in something. TBH honest, I didn't feel pg with my son for a good while. The only sign I had was giant nipples like saucers!!

    Good luck x x x
  • Sorry hun, it's probably just to early if your test date is 17th Dec.

    good luck for then hun xxx
  • Thanks laujai. I really hope it was just too early. I saw that kazaa got her bfp thru the smep so I am trying to remain hopeful. Although hubby and I talked and were ok if it didn't work this month, we'll just try again next month. And next month I plan on using ov tests the entire month, instead of for only 1 week. But it was be great if it did work this month image
  • good luck hun!!
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