FAO Mafia Princess

just wondering how u are hun ? xxx


  • Hi Rocky, I am a friend of Mafias and let her know about your post. She was very touched and asked me to let you know that she is in Scotland having a wonderful time with her hubby and celebrating how strong their little angel has made them and trying to make a lovely baby whilst there.

    she cant get on to baby expert at the mo, but i am happy to be a go between!

    hope you are well

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  • Have been thinking about you too today sweetie, hope you're having a fabulous time in Scotland with hubby and have lots of fun ;\)

    Lots of hugs my lovely

  • Me too, thinking of you flower.
    Hope you are having a wonderful time in Scotland hun with your fab husband,
    Take care xxxx
  • Ah thanks ladies, you're so kind. Am having a vodka and coke overlooking loch lomand. It's so beautiful and peaceful and so glad I'm
    here today. Feel like it's the last milestone to get through and feel like I've turned a bit of a corner.

    Really hoping I come home with a little haggis!

    Thanks rainbow, how Many weeks are you now?

    How are you rocky and mrs h? Are you in 2ww?x
  • thanks pinklady thats very kind!

    hey hun, am glad ur finding that PMA and having a lovely time, and have my fingers crossed a mini haggis is being formed! lol,

    from what i can remember MrsH got her bfp... i could be wrong though, i miss loads not being on here every day! but i think it helps more now to not be if u get what i mean! i think i'm cd 5 hun as had a type of AF but v light and diff to normal however i'mputting it down to those tablets that i had been on. xxx
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