I cant stop thinking about it...

I think im going mad.. I cant stop thinking about getting pregnant again. I only miscarried a week today 31st May 3 weeks after our wedding. its been an emotional roller coaster for both of us..

Our miscarriage has left us devastated and empty, my only hope is to be pregnant again

Im going back to work tomorrow but all I care about is the end of the week, my post miscarriage bleeding has left me today, thankfully so im hoping that by end of week we can try again. I am terrified that it will take months and its all I can think about.

has anyone else miscarried who just could not stop thinking about being pregnant again.

its so unfair, we have so much love to give and we loved our baby so much. Is love not enough..

I have been eating reall healthily and taking my pre pregnancy vitamins.

Im praying for us all that we get pregnant real soon. to all perspective mums to be Good luck



  • Hi, firstly so sorry for your loss. I suffered a missed miscarriage back in March. It was a very traumatic time, I must admit, I had no desire to try again straight away, its only been the last month or so I have wanted to get back to normal as it were. I also wanted to have a couple of AFs first. Like you I took all the vitamins etc, unfortunately, sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to these things.

    Take care of yourself. Zxx
  • Hi there . I know exactly how you feel and if you look at my other posts i posted nearly exactly the same as you after my mc in march. I too felt like i was going mad and just wanted to be pregnant again. All i can say is that dont get yourself too worked up about it all easier said that done i know because if you are anything like me its all you can think about at the moment. But i have been very stressed about it all and think this has added to my af only just returning after 13 weeks!!! I think if poss try to relax enjoy BDing and hopefully it will happen very soon. xxxxxxxx
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