Hi everyone,

i wanted to know how long does it take for your periods to come back, i just stopped bleeding last week from my MC but i have got cramping in my stomach........

i went to the doctor and there is no infection, do you think it may be my period even thou it only been a week...

what do you think
please write back because im worried something mite be wrong that the doctor didnt spot


  • Hi honey

    First off, I'm so sorry to hear about your mc. It is a terrible thing to go through.

    I had a mmc discovered at my 12 week scan, followed by an erpc, so my situation is a bit different, but I had a period about a week after my erpc. I had a small bleed for a couple of days, which then stopped, then a few days later had a period.

    Hope that helps you.

    Take care of yourself xxSara
  • Again firstly I am so sorry you have ended up in here. Secondly don't panic, like mands my bleeding stopped and then re-started and af then took 6 weeks to arrive. I had about a week gap between each bleed and the second bleed was worse than the first and cramped try not to panic see how it goes and if you are more concerned give your GP a call I am sure they will put your mind at rest. For now, feet up and tlc xxx
  • Hi Lanea

    So sorry to hear about your mc. You don't say how far along you were? I was about 5 weeks and my first AF arrived a week after m/c so it is possible. Since then they've now been 8 week cycles, so it takes a while for everything to get back to normal - so it could be your AF but if it was to take another five weeks that would still be normal - unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules, and everyone is different.

    Hugs x
  • thank you for the advice girls...... i was 10 weeks when i miscarraged but the baby had stopped growing at six weeks....

    il keep you all updated
  • hi everyone


    its been two weeks since i stopped bleeding from MC and now im on my this possible

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