All clear.... lets get TTC (stress free!!)

Well went for my Gynae appointment today, they did my smear too as it was overdue. I had a physical examination, which they said looked completly normal. They took some swabs to rule out any infection (which I dont think I have, but they always seem to do this)

I asked about my AF, about it being so light, she really seemed to think that my body was just taking time to regulate. There were no signs that anything was wrong and she expects my next AF to be somewhere near to normal.

I have been asked to go back in 3 months to check to see if my AF has returned back to normal, in the meantime she said that she doesn't want to do anything else as we are still TTC, she said there was no reason as to why I woldn't fall PG again.

I asked about the 6 positive test in a row, and she was not concerned at all, she said not to use them, as they give wired results and just upset people, thinking that something is wrong, so as of this afternoon I am ditching my OV tests.

I have made a decision that I am going to be positive from today, stop thinking things are wrong with me, no testing, just going to wait for next AF and then just go with, BD when ever we get the chance and see what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will still be on here as I like to speak to people and see how people are getting on, fingers crossed for everyone and many many many BFPS !!!


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