some news...

I did a test on Sunday night and its a BFP!!!!!!!!!

I dont really know what to feel to be honest. I'm defo excited but at the same time terrified to the core! I've tuned in to every single twinge......
I've had two mmc; on in April 09 at 16 weeks and in Dec 09 at 13 weeks... I really hope this bean sticks!!!

I went in to see my gp this morning and has put me for an early scan at 8 weeks... in the next 4 weeks coz of my history. Well here's to hoping and praying we keep this bean!

Loads of baby dust to everyone ttc..

PS for the symptom spotters from about 5dpo:
(I was a insane about ss-ing.)

Sharp pain on my right side- had to seat down to let the pain pass 5dpo
Nausea and increased saliva abt 5dpo
cramping on and off
lotiony cm- very unusual for me
bleeding gums whilst brushing (dunno if this is really a symptom)
Frequent urination
On Thursday i had really bad cramping i thought AF was coming for sure - even put on a pad overnight just in case. Woke up and the pain was gone and nothing.... (this happened with my last 2 pregs)
Tender bbs over the weekend like wow!!!!



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