Got a bit of news. updated :(

I did a superdrug test this morning and after the 3 minutes there was a line. A very very feint line, but nonetheless a line. I am on cd 31 or 32. (32 if you count the spotting before af) My cycles before the mc where 28, sot hey are pretty messed up. Last month I got a positive test on cd30, a very feint positive on 31 and af on 32. So last month I had a chemical pregnancy.

Now I had a really feint line yesterday on a FR, a slightly less feint line today on a superdrug, but still feint. (visible without having to keep turning it to spot the line) I am so scared this will be a chemical pregnancy again. I know I might have ov'd later in my cycle than I thought, Temps have been high, but did not write down when they started to be high. (silly me) So I have no idea how much dpo I am. Should be at least 10 dpo, but can be as much as 17dpo. This mornings temp was by the way lower than the last weeks, but I had to do it half an hour earlier and I had gone out of bed already.

I hope this is a sticky bean and I hope I will get a better result in the next few days, but I can not really wait 4 days before testing again. I did promise my oh I will only test with fmu, so first time I can test would be tomorrow morning, but I am sure I have to do a test tomorrow and can't wait.

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  • Oh congratulations breighlin. Can you get a cbd with conception indicater? x x
  • I got four of them waiting, but when it is this feint on a superdrug, I do not want to risk seeing the words not pregnant. :S So wanted to wait with one of those till something like tuesday if I can hold off that long.
  • G/C Just saw your post on the home page. Wow Ihave no idea what all those acronyms stand for. That all sounds very complicated! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I have always used superdrug hpt as they one of the most sensitive and cheapest and have always found them to be reliable. Good luckk. I hope its a sticky one for you!!
  • Aww honey that is super news. Crossing all my body parts for you that this is a keeper xxxx
  • Congratulations, fantastic news xx
  • congrats hun!! have my fingers crossed that line gets darker and you have a wonderful 9 months xx
  • Congratulations sweetie! Keeping everything crossed for you! want to see you test next week when its really dark!!!!
  • Congratulations, keeping everything crossed for you... Zxx
  • Oh fingers crossed this is your BFP hunnie!!! x x x
  • I knew it image Congratulations sweetie

  • Can't wait to see if tomorrow is another and better line. I have been feeling so positve, even though I know I won't relax completely till 12 week mark, but I feel so comfident that it will stay. Of course I am quite cautious, but I haven't stopped smiling. Oh is quite happy to and says he now can see the line so now I am pregnant. (yesterday I wasn't :P)
  • really hope this is it for you, and you have a week of watching the lines get darker ahead of you!
  • This morning i did another superdrug test which came back positive. Slightly less feint line, but still feint. The ebay cheepie I did came back with the feintest line possible. (they have never given me a positive till I was at least a 6 or 7 weeks, so kinda use it to see if hormone levels go up)

    (tmi alert)
    Anyhow, I stood up and when I wiped there was dark red blood. There was also a tiny bit in the toilet itself. Now I know my af normally starts with full flow in the morning, but since the mmc not all the time the same anymore. So it could be that this was af arriving.

    Must say I am devestated. I was so happy and positive yesterday and wasn't thinking about what could go wrong. And I mean I did not even test early, I was on cd32 this morning. (after mmc they have been 30 or 31)

    Part of me is still holding on to the positive test this morning. Last time when bleeding started the test was negative before bleeding started. But last time it was a FR test and aren't they less sensitive than a superdrug? It might not be it for us this month.
  • Phoned the doctors tomorrow for an appointment and they can not fit me in till the 12th of april. That is freaking two weeks away. I am sat here crying. Have light bleeding when going to the toilet, so I assume this is again a chemical pregnancy. :S Wanted to talk to the doctor about being put on small dose of aspirin or even have hcg checked. But I guess that is not gonna happen.

    Looking into changing doctors to another one. Can not believe they make you wait two full weeks if something is wrong. :S
  • Oh hun I'm so sorry. Not sure what to say really, just offering a big virtual hug xxxSara
  • oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that hun ((((((hugs)))))) xx
  • Still no full flow. Went to other doctor surgery and registered there. They can fit me in tonight and will see me tonight. Not having much hope, but want it registered. Gonna ask for low dose of asperin and a higher dose of folic acid on perscription and seeing how it goes. They can say no, but if I am don't ask I will never get it.
  • Good luck tonight, I am thinking of you

  • Oh Breighlin, I hope it works out. Good luck tonight xxx
  • Breighlin I am so sorry to hear about this morning. Well done for changing doctors and I hope everything goes better this evening!
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