Did you keep it more secret

the next time you got a bfp after mc?

We had told both our parents, my mum had then told my sister and another friend of hers. My closest 2 friends and we'd told our boss who then told the relevant people as my job does involve heavy lifting.

But i think when we next get pg again i won't tell hardly anyone although that does put me in a dilemma with telling work as ofcourse i wouldn't want them to think i'm being lazy not lifting anything!!!


  • First time around we told everyone. (we moved wedding forwards so had to explain why) luckily that time everything went fine. Second time around we only told PIL just in case I needed a last minute babysitter and such. They have kept it a secret, although did tell family I had a miscarriage. (which I was fine with) Next time we again will only tell PIL and will tell everyone else at the 3 month mark.
  • Hi hun

    Me and DH just found out I'm PG again on Thursday and have decided not to tell anyone, I'm not even telling parents. I'm so scared at the moment that something is going to go wrong and lose another baby, I just don't think I could cope with excitable parents, esp if the worst happens again.

  • I told loads of people as soon as I knew I was pregnant but this time around I will only tell my parents and my best friend (and of course you guys!). I had a mmc so I think I would wait until my 12 week scan until I could see everything was going to be okay

  • Hi, this time around we told both sets of parents,my boss and a few close friends, next time, I would struggle to tell anyone I think, like Jacqui said, at least until the 12w scan anyway. Zxx
  • This time round I told my mum at 6 weeks (cos she was so fab after my mmc I wanted to be able to share good news with her) and a couple of close friends who I know will keep it secret, cos I really needed someone to confide in. I have left it up to hubby when he tells his parents - they are the ones I am reluctant to tell, so the longer they don't know the better as far as I'm concerned.
  • its a really hard one...i have told people i am close too and work as i have had to have time off, the way i look at it is if i have another miscarriage id rather people know as they can then offer you support and not say things they dont realise will hurt you.....I cant count the number of times people have said so come on then when are you having another......it made me angry as i felt well for god sake im trying but then if they dont know the situation they cant be careful what they say....if you know what i mean, sorry im waffling.
  • I told my mum and best friend last time and when it happens again I think we'll say nothing until we have some certaintly that the pregnancy is viable x x
  • We told our parents and siblings last time and later worked out the day we told them was the day our baby died although we did not find out for 3 weeks. I am a Science teacher so told a few people at work so I did not get exposed to anything I shouldnt. Next time like Jacquid due to having a mmc I am not telling anyone until after my 12 week scan - aprt from hubby and you guys!!
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