Should I hold off from ttc this month?

Hey Guys,
I didn't know whether to post this, but its been something that has been niggling at me in my mind for a while and I just want some advice, and want to know what you think - be honest!
My dilemma is, I don't know if I should ttc this month or not...
My last AF was 18th March, so if I got BFP this month, my EDD would be around 23rd Dec....(maybe even arriving xmas day, you never know!)
Now I know all you gals on here would love to have a 2010 baby and would love to have one by Christmas, it would be a wonderful gift!
But because my mc was over Christmas 09 I just don't know emotionally how I would feel if I was due at the same time as I miscarried.
Do you know of anyone else who has had their baby on the same date as a previous MC? I just don't know how I would feel, so thought if I could hold of ttc this month, (which would be difficult as a baby is what me and OH want sooo much) then my EDD would be 2011 and it could be like a fresh start, if you know what I mean.
This year has just been so shit, but with us moving house and starting afresh, I just cant help thinking it may be better emotionally for us, if we hold off from ttc just for this one month.
Sorry if I have offended anyone who is trying for an xmas baby! Just wanted to know what you thought?
Thanks xxx


  • You haven't offended me sweetie, do don't worry image

    TBH hun, I think that only you and hubs can decide this one (sorry!) but few things to consider are, how would you feel if you got a BFN this month, would you be upset or OK do you think? Also, what does OH think about you possibly being due around the anniversary of your mc?

    I'm sorry I'm not much help, but I do think this is a personal decision as we all feel differently.

  • Hi Rainbow,
    Thanks, I know its a personal decision, which is why ive only just posted now when i have been thinking about it for a while! I wanted to try and decide myself with OH.
    I think I would feel OK about getting a neg test at the end of this month, as I have only been trying for 1 month so far since mc...if i had been trying for a year for example, i may feel different.
    OH thinks that we should wait, but at the end of the day he will do whatever he thinks makes me happy so he would ttc if thats what i wanted.
    tbh OH isnt keen on having a xmas baby, as he would rather have babys birthday and xmas seperate (for money reasons aswell as when the lil one is older, OH says people might not go out for its birthday etc if they are busy due to the fetive season!)
    But obv non of us girls on here mind when our babys born, as long as its healthy! Im only thinking about the anniversary of the mc...i will have another talk with him, we havnt really bd'd yet this month kuz we have been very busy, and i dont track ov dates either, so i dont know if there is much chance of me falling preg this month anyway.
    thanks for your reply image xxx
  • Hi Sian,

    If you did have a baby round the anniversary of your mc, i think personally you'd probably forget about the mc, maybe not totally but it would definitely not be abig grievance as you would both be over joyed with the new bundle of joy and they also say that when when one door closes a new door opens which that would the case.
    It is up to you and your hubby to discuss but thought i would give that little input which i hope you don't mind.

    Hope you make the right decision for you and hubby.

    Big hugs xx
  • Hi, thanks Lampiekat!
    We have decided to carry on trying, it will come when it comes. If its not destined to come at the time of the anniversary of my mc, either i wont get BFP or if i do, the lil un could be early or late if im destined not to have it at that time!
    im just gonna let nature take its course! thanks for your help image xxx

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