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Hello ladies,
just want to introduce myself and join this room. Sadly my little 1 stopped developing at 6 wks but sac and placenta kept growing. just had surgery on thurs after a 2 wk wait which was horrendous. Anyway trying to keep my chin up and look fwd which isnt as you know always easy. Im 44 and had bn trying since Jan so you can imagine how lucky i felt to be pregnant again at my age. Ive 3 children 18, 16 and 11 with my ex husband and this would little 1 would have been to my new partner. We are truly gutted. I want to try again but at my stoneage i just dont know if i want to go through this pain again . I suppose thats the chance i have to take. It has been very helpful over the past 2 wks to have a look at this room and knowing im not the only one going through this rubbish. Anyway hope to chat to you all and keep each other strong over the nxt while. I think i am prob the oldest of you all but im young minded and dont look my age. ;\) Honest ! Take care everyone and chat soon xx


  • Age means nothing!!! Sorry to hear of your loss - the 2 week wait must have been truly horrible! xxx
  • Hi SengaMcBride,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I also have a MMC in July, I had 2 early scans due to bleeding and everything seemed to be ok and then a big bleed at 11+1. I was scanned at 11+2 and found out our baby had died literally hours after our last scan where we had seen the HB. It was a horrible pill to swallow. The days after that was pretty horrendous medical management failed and I ended up having an ERPC on the day I would have been 12 weeks.

    I'm now 12+3, I have found this pregnancy so far very emotionally tough, and have been scanned at 7, 8 and 10 weeks, I'm hoping all will be well at my next scan on Monday. I just wanted to tell you that there is hope after a MMC and as tough as it is it will all be worth it when you see your LO waving and wriggling on the Ultrasound. You are obviously in good health and still fertile so please don't bring your age into this. Please don't give up hope.

    Love Gecko x
  • I'm so sorry, I had a late mmc/still birth at 20 weeks only 8weeks ago and thought I could never put myself through such pain again or even risk it, but I think if you want children enough we're all gluttons for punishment and got to at least try, unless you're dr has said you shouldn't I really wouldn't worry about your age image I'm new on here myself but thought I'd say hello, I'm sorry and good luck x
  • hello senga, sorry for your loss in here all of these ladies know exactly what we are going through so it helps! everyone here are lovley ladies, as far as your age goes your only as old as you feel!! image
  • Hi senga, I'm so sorry you're here. This forum has kept me sane after my ectopic in September x x x
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