At long last ....

At last AF arrived late last night. After 5 weeks waiting. (I never thought I would be so pleased to see her.)
My cycles usually last for 28 days but this is the first AF since my ERPC.

I'm thinking that if I go from what I was like pre pregnancy i should be ov around the 17th?????

I'm both scared and excited at the same time. Hopefully I will be one of the lucky ones that catches straight away. I've heard that you are more fertile after an ERPC but doses that mean straight away, straight away or 5 weeks later?????

Fingers crossed for me




  • Hiya Shelley....yay for Af!...but hopefully in a month your'll be saying Yay to no Af! I haven't had my first Af yet following ERPC...which was 3 weeks ago yesterday- but we have been BD'ing so fingers crossed it might not appear! (I decided to let nature decide if my womb was ready or not) I was scared the first time we B'd incase I started bleeding and also the fear that by BD'ing again I might have to go through the same thing with MC again in another few months IYSWIM...but got over the fear and now looking forward to seeing BFP and feeling positive about it all going well . But anyway fingers crossed for you and happy BD'ing - Sue x
  • Hi Sue,
    Was just like you thinking I would let nature take its course but didn't get my BFN until 3 weeks after my ERPC. Have you had BFN yet????

    Keep me updated, I feel like we are going through this together

  • Hiya - yes I got my BFN 2 weeks following ERPC so started ttc again now just symptom spotting on 2 week wait.....need quite a bit of will power to hold out till the weekend for test
  • Fingers crossed for you chick xxx
  • Fingers crossed for you chick xxx
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