Fertility after ERPC

Just wondered if anyone knows if you're anymore fertile after ERPC? is it wise to use extra precautions for a while? I had ERPC on 15th December and not too sure what it does to your body etc. How long does it take for hcg levels to go?

Any help very much appreciated



  • Hi Sam

    I don't think there are any hard and fast rules about it. Some ladies fall pg straight after an erpc, some don't. I think that if you want some time to get over the erpc before trying again then to use protection for now.

  • Thanks hun. I'm just terrified I get pg too soon and my body doesn't have time to recover then that ends up causing problems with next pregnancy. I think I'm probably worrying over nothing but would hate myself if anything happened cos I got pg too soon.

    Thanks again hun

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