Could this be my AF?

Hi Ladies,

This thread has been an absolute god send for me with all your comments and answers so Thank you xx

I had my mc on the 24th March, i bled for 3 days. I had an internal scan on Wednesday (31st) and then since then have been bleeding again, i know that the internal probe could have irritated inside but i'd have only expected a little bit of bleeding for maybe a couple of hours after wards, so i am basically wondering if this could be my AF?

Be great if it is as then i can start working out my dates and start ttc again.


  • i really doubt it hun. u should normally expect it around 4-6 weeks after miscarriage... i reckon it just old blood from your mc and probs cos of the internal scan cos wen i had one at my 6 week scan i was bleeding 4 days after and i hadnt mc at that point. my AF just showed up yesterday, exactly 5 weeks after my mc... the 1st one is very painful and very heavy just to let you know so im pretty sure ul defo know weather its your AF hun. sorry if iv put a downer on you :S
  • Thankyou yummymummy, no you haven't put a downer on me, i just wasn't sure what my body is doing lol
    Would have been nice to have been but least i now know what this is, it's just annoying!!
  • I have to agree with yummymummy too, I doubt it would be that soon hun, I bled on and off for about 6/7 weeks in the end and somewhere in the middle of that I stopped bleeding for 10 days or more.
    Hope the bleeding eases soon xxx
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