Taking a sad break

Well ladies, she got me. I was still trying to keep my hopes up bc I was late and af showed up today. I am so gutted and sad especially bc my due date would have been in 2 days and I was really praying that the SMEP would work to give us good news for my due date. I feel like at this point I need to take a break and try to relax and maybe then I will be ready again. I do not know how the smep could have possibly failed, as we literally bd'd every other day from day 8-35 and still nothing. I am so worried at this point about what could be wrong. I have spent all day laying in bed, haven't done any of the things I usually do every morning, like raising the blinds, opening curtains, cleaning. I just feel at this point like I don't want to move, which is so unfair to my son. We never even have family to help us out in times like these, so I suppose I must force myself out of this mood for my son. I hope that everyone has the best of luck in getting your bfps, and have a nice Christmas everyone image. It is with a heavy heart that I am leaving this post and I'm not sure when I will be back. Thank you all for your kind words and support.:\(


  • so sorry she got you hun. if we don't hear from you hope you have a good xmas, I'm sure your son will make you have some fun. We'll be here for you whenever you're back or need to talk, whether it's a week or 6months!
  • hey hun, i'm so sorry she got you, maybe the stress is too much for your poor body atm. xxxx
  • I'm so sorry too. Do what you feel is right.

    I must admit, with my last pg it took me 4 months to catch. We were at it nearly all the time for the first couple of months and I couldn't believe how it didn't work either as I got pg straight away with my first 2 pgs. I did get pg in the 4th month of trying when we didn't do it so much - we only did it a lot around the middle of the month. The same thing happened with my son (we only did it twice around the middle of the month).

    I dunno. There's no science to any of this really. Just luck! I hope you pick up for Christmas next week and enjoy your precious son and his smiles.

    Take care, x x x
  • I'm so sorry BB.

    I read somewhere that each month there is a 20% chance of getting pregnant even if you do it on the exact day of ovulation which is why they say it can take up to a year to conceive.

    It is a wonder anyone gets pregnant and doesn't make it any easier when you are doing all that you can and it doesn't happen.

    I totally understand how disappointed you must be right now.

    Take some time out and enjoy Christmas with your family and see how you feel in the new year.

    Do you have a cbfm at all? Mine is a life saver. Hubby and I bd as and when we want but the minute I start getting the highs and peaks w ego for it.

    It's a lot of pressure to bd every other day for this long, well done you for doing it, I wouldn't have the staminer! Maybe a cbfm would take some pressure off?

    Please stay in touch even if you do decide to take a break. We haven't been able to ttc for 3 months but I found coming on here so so helpful anyway x x
  • Hi BB

    I can totally understand why you feel you need a break. Sometimes the whole thing can be so overwhelming, and you feel like your whole life revolves around it. Take time for yourself and enjoy your family.

  • i agree with Mafia P! my cycles have been quite long so without my cbfm i wouldn't of had a chance at all! we too BD as and when but more so with the last few higs and the peaks! otherwise every other day would be so tiresome and mundane and think we'd both get fed up. it's supposed to be fun! xx
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