results of my appointment

hey all, just an update from me, on the 4th of may i have to go for a laparoscopy, from what i understood it is basically were they put you under general anesthetic and make a small incision under my belly button so they can use a tube to check if i have any problems that are causing me to mc.
has any1 had one of these before? i hope i get some answers xxx


  • i havnt had this before hun but just wanted to say good luck and hope u get sum answers! image xx
  • Hi. I had a laparoscopy back in 2005 as they thought I may have endometriosis-I don't.
    It's a very straightforward procedure. You will have a general anaesthetic-meaning you can't eat or drink before the op. They make a small incision in your belly button where they will put a camera to have a look. They will also make a small incision just above your bikini line. Here they insert something which puts gas into your abdominal cavity so it makes it easier for them to have a good look around. I think sometimes they also check your tubes etc during the procedure but I didn't have that done so don't know much about it. It can be a bit painful after so make sure you take regular painkillers. I was told id need maybe 2 or 3 days off work, but even after that I wasn't ready to go back.
    -just take your time. Hope it goes ok and you get the answers you are looking for.
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