Good News After A Chemical Pregnancy. (There is hope)

Hi Girls

Just thought I would post this to bring some hope and good news to you all ttc after a chem. Preg. I got 2 BFP in August. I was delighted and very happy for 3 days until I started bleeding. I did a test which came back not pregnant. I read up on here and realised I had a chem pregnancy. So started trying again the next week and was routinely scanning all these sites to see what people had to say. I got really low as I couldn't find anywhere or anyone who had got pregnant straight after. The TWW was the worse and I was convinced it wouldn't happen for me as I didn't feel anything and was so sure I wasn't pregnant I had three glasses of wine the Sunday before my due date. I started testing well before I should have & they all came back negative. I hid this from hubby as I know he would have told me off for wasting money. On the Monday I tested again whilst hubby was there & it came back negative. I was OK with this as I had expected it all along. Hubby gave me a hug and said we would try again the following month. Then off he went to the shops. So me being me went back upstairs to stare at the test & when I double checked there was the faintest of faintest 2nd line. So for the next few days carried on doing the tests and the line gradually got darker. So here I am 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant which happen the following cycle from a Chem Pregnancy.

Thought I would share this so all you who have had a chemical pregnancy and feel really low realise that it is possible to get pregnant without having a regular cycle in between. Good luck to you all and chucking loads of sticky baby dust your way.

Penel (5 weeks and 2 days today)


  • Hi Penel,

    Congratulations hun, I conceived after a chem pg too but we sadly had a mmc 5wks ago.

    They do say your more fertile following a mc.

    Take care hun & all the best for a h&h 9 monthsxxx
  • Just ate up my long reply....argh!

    Just wanted to say thank you for posting this. Need to work on PMA. Had chem preg last 3 weeks ago. Started ttc again staright away. In 2ww now, not even sure if ov. Starting to SS already. Really feelind this isn't the month for me. Did you have ay similar preg symptons with this pregancy and chem preg?

    So happy you have caught on so quickly!! Congratulations xxxxx
  • Hey Glimmer the time of my chem preg I definatelt felt pregnant. i was going to bed at 7.30 each night and felt quite sick for a few days. This time I felt nothing. I wasn't tired at all and no queasyness in the slightest. I was so sure I wasn't pregnant. The only sympton I can think of may have been I was really low. Much more than bad PMT for a few days. This could have been my hormones playing games with me. Goodluck this month and for everyone else I have only tried to conceive for two cycles and in theory it worked both times. I fully recommend legs in the air and the pillow under your hips for a few hours. X
  • Is great reading all these positive stories as i have just had an early mc on Monday after only know i was pg for three days, so its nice to read a happy ending.
    I now have stacks of opk and a cbfm, so fingers well and truly crossed i get a bfp really soon image x
  • Thanks for posting your symptons. I'm simliar to you Penel. I got preognant 6 weeks after starting to try. Hopefully I'll be like you and get BFP this cycle too.
  • Thank you Pen4 for posting...

    i'm 23 and have been trying with my partner for over a year and nothing yet :(

    its really been getting me down and my partner has his first test next month to make sure everything is ok.

    Though my body is normally like clockwork and AF shows up on the day I expect... this time I was 4 days late, had all the symptoms of being pregnant but then today I got heavy bleeding so I suspect I had a chemical pregnancy.

    I'm hoping next month will be our month.

    Good luck girlies. xx

  • Hi everyone, had a missed period last weekend so tested and got a BFP. Only 2 days later started to bleed and had today had tests showing hcg levels at only 79, follow up bloods to be done in 48 hours. Im convinced ive had a CP. Trying again already as OH is devastated. So scared this will happen again. Hoping to catch on this next cycle. Never had any problems with my first child. Cant even begin to understand my emotions 8 days ago i was blissfully unaware i was even pregnant and now its gone before i could even believe it. Good luck to you all. Xx

  • Also my partners ex miscarried early. Worried that it may be his genes?? Is this possible. Thanks xx

  • Hey hun 

    I'm so happy for you... I'm not too sure if I've had a chemical pregnancy but I'm planning on TTC as soon as my bleeding stops. Wish you all the best and pray that you have a safe and wonderful pregnancy ❤

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  • Hi everyone, I just wanted to know something since i am very confused. Was ttc but had a chemical p. At 5weeks. It's been 5 weeks since confirmed by doctor. But i have not started a cycle. But me and my partner have been having unprotected sex since, is there a chance I could be pregnant? 

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