having a little break away from BE for a while

hi, for those that have been following my posts, i'm going to take a break from coming on here for a little while.
I only joined recently after losing my baby almost a month ago and i'm still finding it hard to deal with.
I've become obsessed with coming on here, when i'm at work i'm constantly logged on ready about people that have mc'd, people that are currently pregnant and so on.
It's becoming a bit of an obsession and i'm already desperate to start trying without constantly comparing myself to others and jealous of their news.
Don't get me wrong, i'm very very happy for you who are getting bfp's and good news, i think i just time some time to chill out for a while and try and relax.

Good luck to everyone trying again and hopefully when i come back in a few weeks we will all have some more good news to share.Thanks to everyone for listening. :\)



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