No OV this month :\?

I'm really quite confused, I OV every month between days 12-15 and always know when i do because i get really bad OV pains in my abdomen and back. Also get all the EWCM, which is a big give away for me!

This month we have BD'd every night since AF stopped to give us a better chance of BFP this month but i have had no pains, no EWCM :\?
I'm so confused :\?
According to my period tracker i was due to OV last fri, but nothing.
So i should be 5DPO today and due AF friday 16th.

Last month AF come early, on day 25.
AF started sat 19th June night during OH 21st bday party but it was just a brown discharge type thing, not many AF pains, i usually get AF pains really bad on the first day of my cycle but no warning of it coming at all!
On sunday it got a little heavier, i put in a tampon (sorry tmi) but when i took it out there wasnt much so i didnt use another, just a pad.
Monday i wore just a pad and was still just medium spotting type thing and was all gone by monday night.
Tuesday come back a little but just spotting.

I got really confused, usually i get bad period pains for first day, i had none. I am heavyish/normal for first 2-3 days then turns into a spotting type thing for around 2-3 days, and i didnt have that either!

I took 2 tests but were BFN so didnt bother testing after that, cause would have shown up.

I have AF type cramping in my back a little right now, feels like AF is coming but much too early.
And i know i will be out for this month if i havent OV'd

Sorry to dragggggg onnnnnnn... Just super confused

Emma xx


  • Hiya Emma...just out of interest when did you get the BFN's?? to me you last 'af' sounded more like implantation bleeding which would explain why you haven't OV'd this month.
  • I tested on the sat that AF started and BFN, then tested on the tues when i would have been 1 day late.
    So was sure it would have shown by now.
    I have some cheapie ebay tests but i dont like them, they never seem to work properly!

    I have had niggly feelings around where my left ovary would be, but not like pains, just little pulling sensation, yday got a bad pain in my back, but wasnt AF pains, was really sore and lasted for about 2-3 mins.
    Then had a few niggly feeling today in lower back.

  • mmm.....maybe worth doing a test just incase then you will know for sure....other than that it is possible to sometimes not ovulate each month - most women won't know they haven't ovulated unless using ovulation monitor
  • Im due to go to docs on fri so will mention it to her, shes really good and knows how much i have wanted a baby so she always helps out where possible lol.
    I've had 1 month at beginning of this year where i didnt OV and i knew i hadnt because i didnt get any OV pains and no EWCM which i get lots of (sorry tmi).
    Looks like im onto month 4 now image
  • Hi hun, i thought i weren't gonna OV this cycle but on cd29 i had cramps that i thought may be AF or BFP so i did a hpt and BFN. On a whim i decided to try an OV stick and it was positive! I had no EWCM at all which i usually get in abundance!

    Are you testing for OV?
  • hey, it's quite common to not ov for the odd month, even if you are pretty reg all the other months, could be for lots of reasons but the likely hood is that there's nothing to worry about at all! mc's do funny things to our bodies! x
  • Hi ladies.

    Lady2188 i have been getting strange cramps today, but lower back ones, also been getting slight pulling/cramping after sex and other things, which i got last time when i was pg.
    Am super confused. I dont test for ov, have started just BD everyday since AF stopped to see if that boosts our chances any.
    Should be 6DPO today.

    Rocky_Kiz I thought i was missing OV's a few times earlier in the year and got sent for tests but all came back ok and they said i am OV'ing. Just getting cramping since yday on and off in my lower back and occasionally my lower abdomen, so not sure what that is from.

    Suppose only time will tell, am due AF any day next thurs - sat so shall wait and see.

  • Hi Emma, I'm not sure I have ovulated this month either, unless it happened earlier in my cycle and I missed it. After my ERPC, my cycle days have been a day or two longer, but always had the smiley on CD15. Tested CD15, 16, 17 and 18 and nothing! So have given up. Don't appear to have had any CM this month too, that always comes around CD14/CD15. So god only knows whats happening!!!! Trying not to stress!! Zxx
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