Anyone advised to take aspirin?


A friend of mine who had 2 mc was advised by her doctor to start taking aspirin and she went on to have a successful third pregnancy.

I've lost 2 babies now, one a mmc and the second an ectopic. We are ttc again and I'm terrified of something happening again.

I've been reading up on the Internet and the aspirin theory seems to have worked for people. Even those who haven't had their bloods tested.

Any of you guys know about it or are taking aspirin?



  • I am considering it Kat, as its supposed to prevent blood clots forming in the placenta, and as both my mum and my older sister have had DVT's I think clots may run in the family. So I think I might take it. Its supposed to be the 75mg dose- so I'm just cutting a standard tablet into quarters until I go near a pharamcy to get some.
    Sue x
  • I'm taking aspirin kat, 81mg a day, I have had a myriad of tests done and have some disorders that they think the aspirin would help with for my next pg (I have lost 3 now this year, 1mmc and 2 early mc).

    The only thing I would say is that I would at a minimum mention it to your doctor as although you can buy it over the counter they need to make sure that the long term use of it won't do you any harm - as with all drugs long term use can become problematic. Also if you take other medication at any point you have to watch for interactions with aspirin being a blood thinner.

    It's worth mentioning though to the doc as my doc said to me it doesn't do any harm to the baby even if it's not helping iyswim - it's precautionary.

    Hope that helps.
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