Help on ectopic pregnancies please....

I'm sorry to ask but I have started to freak myself out...
History - 2 daughters conceived within 2 months, one pregnancy again conceived within 2 months ended in natural mc at 11 weeks Dec last year. We have been ttc ever since with no luck. Because of the previous 3 fast conceptions I have been very frustrated but as I am 42 I've kind of figured it's my age now.
I chart my temps and it has been biphasic so I am still ov (at around 10 days) but after always being very regular with a 24 day cycle (so ov at day 10 then AF at 14DPO) I bled at 12DPO and last month and yesterday I had some spotting at 11DPO but nothing today.
Added to this I had pains around ov which I just thought was ov pain but they have carried on and are almost constant and only on one side so don't think it's period pain which for me tends to be all over lower abdomen.
I had 2 dizzy spells on Friday, one of which I did actually feel like I'd fainted momentarily. I have this sometimes when I stand up as I have low blood pressure but this was while sitting down.
I have taken a test and it is BFN but I know you don't always get BFP if it's ectopic.

Am I just inventing stuff? Is it possible I have an ectopic pregnancy? Will I be laughed at if I seek medical attention???


  • hey hun, gosh it all sounds very stressful! i too worried myself for a time about having an ectopic a few months ago after some pain and spotting but Mafia Princess totally reassured me! i'd had a BFN too but from what i can tell the HCG will still rise and so you would see a + test, just may take a lil longer, also i don't think you'll get pain until at least a good few weeks down the line, by which time you'd of had a + test. however, because of the random bleeding around ov time i'd seek GP advice anyway! xx
  • Thank you so much for that!
    I've been driving myself mental but what you say makes perfect sense so thank you so so much!
    I will go to GP about the pain tho...
  • Hey, yes with ectopics you do get a positive test result. You wouldn't get pain this early even is it was ectopic. I had no pain at all even at 6 weeks!

    I think when you are ttc you are just so aware of your body that you notice things you never noticed before. In my case I seem to convince myself I have pregnancy symptoms every month and the af arrives and ruins it all! x x
  • Well this is day 3 of weird spotting that is kind of brown with bits in (nice!!) like before I had mc last year... Haven't tested today but properly due on tomorrow so we'll see what happens next week I guess. Who knows it may be implantation. Because of our ages and various other factors we had decided to stop trying in August so this is really last chance saloon and I'm clutching at eggs!
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