It sounds strange but....... yea I got a BFN!!!

Eventually 4 weeks after my operation I got a BFN this morning on a CB digital. It came up after what seemed like a long wait 'NOT PREGNANT' I thought I would be sad to see it....... but I have been waiting for it for such a long time it was a relief!!!!!!!!!

By the way CD digital are on offer in Tesco ??3 off.

Feel way more positive now knowing everything is getting back to normal, ready to go again?!?!?!?!?!?:lol:


  • hi 3054,

    completely understand your relief, its a step in the right direction for you and now you can start to move forward.

    thanks for the tip about CD - will go and stock up.

    big hugs

    x x x
  • Thats fantastic news 3054, heres to the future and lots of sticky baby dust

  • hey hun that is really great image
    glad ur getting back to normal, hopefully u can start ttc again soon xxx
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