Can too much be bad??????

Hi ladies,
just today a friend said to me that having intercourse every day when fertile is bad as the sperm wont be of a good quality. She recommended every other day or so......

Is this true???

I'm concerned now that i have been BDing too much as sine Wednesday I've BD every day as supposed to OV yesterday.I thought I was increasing my chances but now am not so sure..............

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • I wouldn't worry, only mature sperm is ejaculated when its ready, while its maturing it is held in holding tubes behind scrotum until its ready.
    The do recommend bd every second day but I think this is to catch ovulation.
  • I think the recommendation is there so you have the best chance of concieving but too much could be a bad thing it depends on your partners sperm.

    The more often you have sex the 'fresher' and better quality the sperm will be however if you have sex too often it can lower the count of each ejaculation. Which isn't a problem unless your OH has a low sperm count. So if your partner has a low sperm count they recommend every other day to give the numbers chance to increase.

    Moom x
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