is this normal

i had a mc 4weeks ago and stoped bleeding/ brown blood last tues every thing had been clear " down there" but over the last few days im again havin a small amount of brown ?


  • i had alittle brown also brown means "old" so it im sure is just your body cleaning the little bit thats left. good luck hun!
  • yeah this is just old stuff, could be a lil bit left over. don't forget your hormones are probably still settling down so while your body adjusts it could be being a bit random. i wouldn't worry - unless it smells funny (sorry!) but thats a no 1 sign of an infection in which case u'd need to see ur GP. hope ur ok hun! xxx
  • I also had this on & off for quite a while after my last mmc too.

    Nothing to worry about hun xxx
  • thank you to all of you i was really worried as id stoped bleeding long does this tend to last? hope your all ok
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