Bad skin

just wondering if anyone else suffered with spotty skin after their mc? I have always had spotty skin (since about age 10-11. im not 27) - it gets worse and eases off at time, but never clears completely. when i got my bpf my skin wasnt too bad. 1 week ago i had a d&c and since then it has been getting worse and worse. is it just hormonal? or stress related? did anyone else have a break out and how long did it last? i know it seems trivial, but having bad skin for all my life gets me down enough, and what with everything else at the moment, im just feeling crappy image


  • hey, i too have pants skin, it got noticeably worse when i got my bfp though, i noticed it but we had just moved and i remember saying to huby that it could be the new water cus he was complaining too! lol, i think it could prob be both hun, ur body's gone through a lot! try and drink lots of water, always take make up off and definitely moisturise! xx
  • Sorry to hear of your sad news PP- it really does ease a little with time, although 3 months on and I am still occasionally consumed with utter sadness image

    Can't belive I am reading this on the same day I have scoured Boots & Superdrug for concealer!!!!!! I never suffer with spots and although I don't think it's realted to my ERPC (that was November) I do think it's hormonal/to do with the Clomid I've taken.

    I've bought "Witch" concealer and it's quite good- hoping it's not a long term thing though!!!

    Good luck PP!

    Emma xx
  • Me too - have hardly had any spots since my early 20s and suddenly I have loads. My mc was in Nov but I feel my hormones have been all over the place since then. It's embarassing having spots in your 30s!!!
  • Hi guys,

    Just thought I'd put in my two penneth. I've never suffered with bad skin (sorry...), but when I got my BFP I almost immediately broke out in huge spots. This continued for the ten weeks i was pregnant and for a little while after that. Now my skin gets bad around the time of my AF. Weirdly I seem to get spots just on one side of my face - but it changes month to month so wondered if it was affected my which side you ovulate? Has anyone heard anything about this? It is weird though, my body seems to have changed a lot since the pg. I never used to get hormonal bad skin; I used to get REALLY bad cramps during AF, which I don't really suffer with now and my AF used to last 5-7 days and now it's just 3 max. Bodies are so weird. Jo xxx
  • i tend to get break outs in different areas at different times and didnt know why. i wondered if it was to do with the way i slept (ie. more on one side or the other). who all so strange and confusing! xxx
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