HSG countdown!

Hi girls,
I dont post much but an avid lurker!
So for those who dont know of me a brief history...Been ttc since sep 07 finally got bfp in feb 09 then sadly mc march 09. We have been ttc again ever since with no luck :\?
We got all usual tests done me:day 21 & day 3 bloods & hubby had sa done. All tests were perfect??
Doc referred us to fertility clinic as im no spring chicken at 38!! We had that and doc says he doesnt know why im not falling,says unexplained infertility!?
Anyway he agreed for me to have hsg on my next cycle & as i started spotting i phoned them today and she has booked me in for next thurs 28th at 9 am..Im nervous & excited as ive heard that this can sometimes clear your tubes & im hoping it does as the consultant says as i have a 10 yr old boy by previous partner i wouldnt get assisted conception..so this is my only hope i think of me & my hubby having a baby of our own & my age is against me too:\(
Anyway im living in hope!

Babydust to all you girls & hope you all get super sticky bfp's real soon!!

Annette xx


  • Hi Annette

    Nice to hear from you again hun.

    Dont you just hate "unexplained infertility" I think one of the ltttc girls has done a post about it.

    Good Luck for your HSG nxt week I have heard a few ladies have conceived afterwards as it has given tubes a good clear out.

    I havent had one but reding posts from the girls in ltttc they say it can be a little uncomfy & it's a good idea to take paracetamol before hand & to get a lift home.

    Good Luck & let keep us posted on how you get on with it xxx
  • Hi laujai,thankyou.
    Yeah it was cupcake ive just posted on it. Hate the word unexplained!!
    Im hoping it clears me so to speak to be honest as i dont know what else to try??
    Good to read your good knews and ttc is back on again for you & this time will be a super duper sticky bean for you!!!
    Will keep you posted
    Annette xx
  • Sorry to G/C but what is HSG? I've heard it mentioned on here a few times but not sure what it is... sorry. thanks
  • hi rocky_liz
    An hsg is where they check your tubes by inserting a dye through them. This should indicate if there are any blockages or scarring in them,sometimes an hsg just flushes through any small blockage enough to help get that bfp!

    Annette x
  • Hi Annette

    It may just do the trick, im hoping to have a hysteroscopy arranged at our nxt appt (if im not pg already!!) to check the uterus but they may just do the tubes too. These things are well known to clear you out, so to speak so fingers crossed it helps hun.

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