Finally AF has arrived!!

Hi well after having my ERPC on 13th Feb and feeling that AF was never going to turn up here she is exactly 6 weeks after my operation. Weirdly I have been desperate for this to happen for such a long time but I am feeling quite emotional about it too. Obviously a bit hormonal but I think just realising that I am finally back to normal and not pregnant has hit me hard. BUT I am going to be positive, my body is back to usual and I am back in the ttc game ladies. Watch this space for a BFP!!!!!;\)

Take care everyone



  • hi jacquid

    I know how you feel, but like you say at least your back to normal and can start ttc again once u feel ready.

    I hoping my af shows up soon. I've had one af since my mc in jan and so far this one is late but feel this morning that its not too far away.
  • Hi Jacqui, pleased AF has turned up, its going to be emotional sweet, good luck TTC and hope you get your BFP soon! Zxx
  • Hey,
    glad AF has turned up, i know the feeling when it finally comes!! feels like a weight has lifted!
    good luck with ttc image
  • So glad she has finally turned up...... light at the end of the tunnell!!!!
    I had four days of no bleeding last week and have started with heavy bleeding on Tuesday, been full flow all day since Tuesday, I am really praying that this is AF, I think it must be, it arrived just before 7 weeks so timing and the heavness suggests that it is, it should be starting to slow down now if it is AF so hopefully I will see that soon. It has been much heavier than normal AF, mine were quite light and only 3/4 days, this has been quite heavy and painful but I think that is to be expected.

    Using the CB digital OPK tests when I finish so we can get back to TTC.
    Hope all is well, I think I am CD5 (ish) really cant tell though. I am going to follow the SMEP this month, knowing my luck we go on a all inclusie holiday on the 28th of April, I will probably get a BFP just before we go........ not sure how much orange juice one can drink!!!!!!!!:lol:
  • Thanks for the replies, its great coming here and being able to talk to people who understand!! Ill be ttc again now but dont know when to count CD1 as. I spotted on Wednesday and Thursday and then Af arrived properly on Friday, so do I count Wed as day 1 or Fri? Any ideas??

  • Hi huni, am glad the witch has showed up!
  • You are to count CD1 as the day you had full flow........ mine was wednesday/thursday so I think we are almost identical...... how strange. Sorry for the personal question, but how is your AF compared to normal?
  • Hi 3054, glad you are still around, Af was really heavy last night, nearly got caught out it was so heavy!!! And until about midday today really heavy but now it is settling down. Pretty similar to normal AF but a bit heavier and some blackish clots but only very small (sorry way too much info!!) Actually not experiencing as bad cramps as I usually would do on the first few days. I am hoping it will last a similar time to my usual ones which would be around five days because we are going away over Easter but I have heard that they can last longer so I will have to wait and see. My first full flow was Friday so I guess I am just CD2 at the moment. I am going to do the SMEP too this month.

    I am sooooo jealous you are going away on holiday. Thats something really great for you to look forward too. I know what you mean about the orange juice though, not quite the same is it. Mind you if you have a BFP it will defilnately be worth it!!!

  • Hi again, could't stay away for long!!!!!

    I was really bloated and got terrible pains on Tuesday, spotting got heavier Wednesday and full flow Thursday, been quite heavy since then, slowed down a bit today, however not had cramps since the Tuesday.

    I am still worried that it is not AF as people say you have to have two weeks without bleeding before AF arrives and I only had 4 days, but everything about it says it is AF.

    How many days did you have without any bleeding before AF?

    I am thinking people who only bleed for a week will get two weeks clear, but with us bleeding for so long we probably wouldn't get two weeks....... if that makes sense.

    Not sure about you but I feel way more positive at the moment, cant wait for AF to finish and get going....... I am really excited. Bought some CB digital OPK tests, they are great, cant wait to get a smiley face!!!!

    Hope your well x

  • yeah!!!! Hope you dont see her again until next year when you have a little person in your life!!! Good luck sending you loads of PMA for this month!
  • Thanks Muffin34, i hope so too!!

    3054 I too only had about 5 days of no bleeding but I am convinced this is my proper AF as i had only been spotting before and this is proper full flow bleeding.

    I am feeling alot more positive now as well. Finally to be back to normal and hoping to start ttc at the end of this week. I would love to fall pregnant soon but I cant afford to get any ov tests at the moment so I am going to have to try without. I have to tell myself it might take a while so I dont get too obssessed with it!!!

  • Glad your felling more positive. That is exactly why I am convinced this is AF, up until last week the bleeding was very on and off.... a little bleeding and mainly spotting. Since Thursday it has been full flow all day. Yesterday it got really heavy, to the point where I got caught out at work...... it was awful. Also had bad pains yesterday. Seems still to be heavy this morning, but not as painful. I know they say to expect a heavy first AF, but I didn't think it would be so heavy!!!!!!

    Just got hubby to run to the shops to get some heavy duty pads!!!!!!!
    I would expect to be slowing down by now and to stop Wednesday/Thursday, but I think first AF can be quite long also...... really hope beacause it is heavy that it will clear everything out and stop soon. I've praying for it too arrive and now im praying for it to finish!!!!!
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