CD35 after mc and still no sign ofAF!!!

Hi All,

well as the title says today is CD31 for me - CD1 was day of mc - as I had a natural mc aat 6+3 my dr said to class mc as cd1 but i've had what started off as what I though were ov pains on CD15ish and they have not gone away since! I had brown spotting last week for 2 days but now it is creamy again (sorry tmi). I've done a few ebay cheapies with fmu for the last couple of days but nothing not even a faint line.

I'm getting so frustrated I would be happy even to see AF as I so want to get pg again and want to know my body is working properly.

Can I ask what are your experiences were in the first couple of months after mc?

Any advice gratly appreciated!xxx

Update - now cd35 and nothing - getting v.v.v.vfrustrated!!!

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  • Hi hun, my very weird first AF came cd34. My doc said it can take up to 6 weeks though.

    I don't think this has any reflection on how your cycles are going to be though as your bodies recovering still.

  • Thanks lady - can I just ask why your AF was wierd?

    Re-assuring to know that it can be upto 6 weeks but also a bit gutted couldn't handle waiting that long!!

    Don't worry lady just read your thread I now understand why it was wierd! Hope it sorts itself out for you!xxx

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  • Yeah i was gonna say i've done a thread on it. Mine came after 5 weeks so expect it any time really. Bit annoying because i've done nothing but poas since cd28 lol!

    Good luck
  • Hi, I got my AF on CD on day 36 after ERPC. I bled really heavily for 2 days and then it completely tailed off! I used to bleed for about 4 days. I'm now waiting to ovulate as that was my first AF and using will be using ov sticks as i have absolutely no idea when i'm going to ovulate. I'm due to start using them in a few days. It's so frustrating not knowing anymore what my body is doing!x
  • Hi Well now on CD32 and no sign at all - but from what you have both said I could be waiting for a few more days-so annoying wnating af to show up!! I normally have really heavy periods of about 7 days so intrigued to kknow what this one is going to be like.

    I know what you mean kwn I really want my body to go back to normal and just wish I had a 28 day cycle!!!

    I'm going to do temps and ov sticks next month as I have no clue when I ovulate I used to go my ov pain but have now had this since day 15/16 so obviously not that good of an indicator!!xxx
  • Just out of interest have you been BD'ing, have you done a PG test...... you may not get your first AF if you have caught again straight away????????????image
  • Yes and Yes - but it got a BFN on Saturday with a SD test so I know I'm out!! Its just so bloody fruatrating I've never wanted AF to show up and now I'm dissapointed every time I go to the loo - I'm such a dick!!:roll:
  • Hey there i totally understand your frustration i too had a natural miscarriage. i was 9 weeks and started to bleed within a week i had passed everything and at 10 days had neg test result so was happy to start ttc again . however i did not have a period until 12 weeks which felt like an eternity!! I had all sorts of signs and symptoms and thought at a couple ot points that i must be pregnant again. sadly i wasnt but my AF came and went without me hardly noticing. I was sent for blood tests at 9 weeks when af had not arrived but all they kept telling me was to wait SO FRUSTRATING!!!! All i can say is try to relax as this may stop it from coming too think that was my main prob!!! I was obsessed!!! It will happen and hopefully sooner than mine!1 Take care xxx Feel free to message me if you want xxx Leanne xx
  • Thanks Leanne - OMG 12 WEEKS??? You poor thing that must've been awful. I'm like a loony now and its only been 5!! I can only imagine how frustrating that was. What are your cycles like now??

    I really do need to try to relax a bit but i'm on permanent knicker watch!!xxx
  • It was the worst feeling out of it all i think because it felt like it was never ending!!Ive only had the one Af after mc in March so not sure really how they are and if i am ovulating yet am testing this weekend onwards so hopefully will have got back into my old cycles again and have a BFP soon xx
  • Fingers crossed for you- you'll have to let me know how you get on with your OV sticks. I've been feeling a bit better about things today although I think thats just coz I've been busy - CD38 and nothing!!xxx
  • Hang in there MrsAd....I'm only CD 5 post my ERPC so it could be me in your situation in 30 odd days time....i'm in two minds as whether to wait for Af before ttc or not.....but if it takes forever to come it would be sooo frustrating. Just a quick straw poll if I may ladies - who waited for thier Af? and if so was it for dating purposes? to allow lining of cervix/womb to thinken or was it due to you waiting to feel ready to ttc again?? I want to ttc asap but at the same time feel that i don't want to risk losing another baby due to not waiting and my womb lining not being thick enough- but then again I could be super fertile following mc...oh what to do?? wish i had a crystal ball!
    Take care everyone
    Sue x
  • Cd40 and still nothing, bn having a lot more twinges for the last couple of days so thinking AF must surely be going to make an appearance! I'm gunna go and buy some SD tests after work and do one in the morning if still nothing!

    Sparkles - I had natural mc so my dr told me the only reason to wait for 1st af wouldve been for dating purposes but not sure what effect erpc has on ur womb lining!xxx
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