So hoping!!

Well 2 weeks have passed since MC and I am feeling fine.
My OH and I have been trying for another baby, as this is what we both want. My AF should be due in about 3 weeks, which I am hoping doesnt arrive.
With a bad xmas and birthday out the way, Im hoping for OH birthday in May we'll be getting some good news.
Not too sure if I am having any signs of OV yet dont think I am going to use any tests as I think they are a waste of money my BFP will happen when it wants to happen I think. Plus I was lucky last time a fell preg I think it happened on the 1st time.
Feeling very positive and happy but will be even happier if I get my BFP soon image. I wanted to wait for my first AF but only for dating. MY midwife at the EPU said I could go back in my next pregnancy to make sure everything is okay, plus I dont really drink or smoke, so if I dont know im preg it'll be less time for me to worry.

This page has been like a diary to me, I know I can come here and write all my feelings down and know other ppl have been through the same as me. Thanks all for ure support over last few weeks.


  • Hi hun,

    Glad you know that you can come on here anytime and that we are here to listen.

    Glad also you are feeling more positive, I too had a pants xmas (mc) so think we BOTH deserve a happier end to 2010/start to 2011!

    Babydust coming your way image
    Love MrsH xx
  • Hey Suze,

    Glad you are feeling good after 2 weeks. I agree, this forum is a god send.

    I'm still unsure whether to start ttc straight away or to wait till first af. I'd like to say that i'd wait so that i know dates but i can see me getting impatient lol

  • Thank you both for your replies.

    MrsH, a good start to 2011 is defo on the cards I think and if so then I can wipe clean of 2010.

    Lampiekat, I was the same but as soon as the bleeding has stopped I wanted to start again straight away.

    Lots of baby dust your way and here's hoping for a sticky.

  • Suze19, I am so glad that you are feeling good. It's been a week since I had my natural MC after a scan showed foetal pole but no heartbeat. Last Wednesday and Thursday were horrible days, hopefully never to be repeated but strangely, after it was all over, I kind of felt ok and even now, 1 week on, I too feel fine - is it too soon to feel like that???

    I totally agree with you about the lovely ladies on this forum -I haven't posted much but even reading the wise and comforting words have really helped me. I'm really hoping to see your BFP announcement on her over the coming weeks - lots of love and baby dust to you

  • Hiya Lucy,

    Mine all started on the 18th March, had small spotting in the evening, so I went to EPU on the 19th March (my birthday :cry: ) as I wasnt bleeding alot I just wanted re-assurance everything was okay, but I didnt get that really. The seen Pregnancy sack but was only measuring 5 weeks, which I should have been 8 weeks,go asked to go back in 10 days to get it all checked and by 10 days they should see a baby, I wasnt too worried as when I did a CBD I was 1-2 weeks and this all happened 3 wks later, so from that my dates should have been right.
    Woke up on Saturday morning, everything was fine, the all of a sudden I had a bleed. Took myself to A&E but they couldnt do much said to go back Monday for another scan, they wasnt too worried at that point as I wasnt passing any clots. Saturday night, clots started was having cramps all through, then sunday I was in the worst pain ever, passing clots constantly. Then I seen the loss of the preg sack, so I knew what had happened.
    I was gutted, what a Birthday to remember. My partner broke his hip on boxing day, so ive had a rubbish xmas and a rubbish bday so I am hoping by my partners bday in May I will have a BFP and but Xmas ill almost be full term.
    Can only hope hey!!!

    I ask myself have I got over it too soon, dont think I ever will, I have constant reminder's of what would have been eg my 10 wk scan should have been on the 21st April, I keep telling myself these things happen for a reason and I will get my luck soon enough.
    I am glad I am over it though, or 98% over it anyway.

    Sorry to go on.

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