Finally got negative result

How bizarre that I wanted a negative result! I now know that my body is hopefully back to normal. We have started trying on Saturday and have BD everyday since then. Im so tired but I really want to be pregnant this month! Its the only thing that stopping me getting so upset.

Im off to the babyshow soon with my friend who is at the same stage i would of been so thats pretty upsetting but im just clinging to the hope that when im there looking at baby stuff that a miracle is happening inside me.

I know I shouldnt rely that I will get pregnant straight away again but I really want it. I just hope im not setting myself up for a fall.



  • Hi

    I am down to the faintest line possible convincing myself it's negative when just back in feb I was doing the exact same thing but hoping it was positive!!

    I really want to move on and be pregnant again. Feeling positive and like you trying not to be too obsessed.

    Good luck girl!!!

  • I'm too scared to test at the minute. I'm still in the full swing of it so mine would probably still be positive.

    Good luck ladies, i truly hope you get pregnant this month!
  • Good Luck girls,
    When were you both due before? I was 1st December, I had a 26 day cycle so I just tring to work out when im likely to ovulate? Ive bough the clearbue digital ovulator test which i keep getting a big fat O on it meaning im not ovulating but ive heard your body might lie to you after you have had a miscarriage? Why is it that we are more fertile! Arrgggghhhhhh Give me my baby!! ha xxx
  • I would have been due 28th Dcecember image I'm hoping to catch that fertile period too, but i'm aware my body will be hard to read over the next couple weeks/months so my plans are to just BD till my hearts content. We haven't done much of that just lately due to bleeding etc so i'm quite looking forward to it image

    I have got a cbfm but i don't intend to use it until after i've had an AF!

    Good luck ladies! Sticky babydust your way!
  • Hey hun,

    I was the same as you. All's I wanted was a negative result so I could get on with it and try again.

    I really do hope you get ure BFP before your first AF.

    Finger's crossed for you and try to stay positive.

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