Hey guys, bit random but does anyone else have a OH/DH that smokes but you don't?

Hubby smokes a few a day, nothing major but i get so concerned about his fertility and ttc x


  • Yeah, I'm the same. Hubby has been trying to give up ever since we met 11 years ago. He has never smoked in my company, but finds it hard to resist when he is at work or has a pint in his hand. I often worry about how this affects his swimmers, but have no control over what he does at work so just keep trying to keep him on the wagon. I would be interested to know how much smoking affects sperm motility etc.
  • I don't know the answer ladies, just know that if us ladies do it increases the risk of mc and ectopic. No doubt men can get away with it though! I think alchol is the main thing that can affect the swimmers and a lack of zinc and vitamin C xx x
  • yeah i limit hubbys alcohol, lol, not that he's a bid drinker but i tell him it's one or the other! lol, i don't go near him when he smokes hardly as i'm asthmatic so he usually smokes outside or by the back door if its horrid, i know smoking is supposed to decrease the amount of swimmers but he takes the sanatogen multi vit for men when ttc and that has zinc etc in. However he like to smoke something else other than tobacco as well, which isn't a problem at all, but only if it affects his swimmers!!! i know that if we don't get our BFP in a few months he will try and cut dpwn more (he only has about 4/5 a day max) but i just another BFP so bad!! xx
  • I know! But to be honest I do wonder if if makes any difference! I have so many clients who get pregnant after one time with drug and alcohol issues, crap diet etc! Makes me slightly annoyed when I am eating raw carrot and pumpkin seeds! x x
  • It is frustrating trying to lead a healthy life style to improve your chances of TTC and then AF arrives every month, whilst someone drinking/smoking/taking drugs etc seems to get preggers easy. I managed to convince hubby to give up smoking and it took a very long time for me to do that. I also want him to cut down on his alcohol and caffine, but think I will be pushing my luck. I think men are of the opinion that the woman carries the baby so she must be the one who takes care of her self. BUT, we need thier sperm to be healthy to get that BFP in the first place. From what I have read, smoking and the other kind of smoking do affect sperm count, quality and motility! I had a rather uncomfortable conversation with my male boss who was having trouble getting a BFP and he smoked. He had a SA and the motility was rubbish. He gave up smoking and his motility increased by 50%. I'm a bit divided on this topic as I think if you give up the things you enjoy then you will be more stressed and then probably less likely to conceive. But then all the research points to the fact that smoking isn't going to help TTC....arghhhhh....we can't win really.
  • i kinda agree too JP and i know they do affect it which is one of the reasons i go for Zestica and not pre seed as thia has shown to increase motility...

    why don't you secretly buy caffine free teabags/coffee and hide the evidence! he'll never know! everything in my house is decaf and i'm the only one that knows!!!! image xx
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