just saying hi

hi i lost my little been last thursday i was 7 weeks from what the doctor said i starded to have a tiny bleed on the tuseday so i got booked in for a scan on the thursday as i when i went the scean was just blank she said i had a tilted womb so nshe really had a good look but there was just nothing there still feeling numb we have been trying sinc june09 it feels like we are back to square 1 image


  • Sorry you have had to join us.

    I had my mc 5 wk's ago, i've had some hard time, but getting there now.

    It will get easier.

  • Hi, so sorry to hear your news. I suffered a mmc a few months back, and have just had my first AF since my operation. I'm definitely feeling better and more positive about the future, it just takes time. Zxx
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