Going away for abit

Hi everyone, i have decided to have a BE break for a while. I am struggling with a lot of things at the moment and am so obssessed with ttc again and the need to be pregnant again. I was started to feel happier but my emotions seem to have gone right back to square one again.It is consuming my every waking hour and I am falling back into depression which I have suffered with on and off for years. I really dont want to go back down that road again so I am going to try and take a big step away from my emotions and just get on with everything else for a while.

I have to say thank you sooo much for all the support you have all given me, I would have crumbled with out being able to come on here.

Once I am feeling better i will definately come back to see if anyone has got their BFPs yet.

Take care everyone



  • I know how you feel and can understand you want a bit of a break. Just take some time out and get yourself sorted. We will be here waiting and support you when you want. You can always contact me.

  • hi hun,

    im so sorry that you're feeling down, but its completely understandable to ahve a break. it's such a horrid time.

    hope you better soon hun, my little break really helped.

    take care of yourself hun

    x x x
  • Hi sweetie! I completely understand how it can chip away at you! I hope you can relax and allow your body and mind to heal. Looking forward to hearing from you again in the future with more positive news! Look after yourself xx
  • Sending you hugs and just wanted to say thank you for being there for me , always here when you need us hun xxxx
  • i hope it does u the world of good hun. xxx
  • i hope it does u the world of good hun. xxx
  • have a much needed time out hun! hopefuly ul come back with some news yourself! thanks for the kind words and advice uv given me image take care! speak soon xx
  • I hope it does you the world of good. Take care. Zxx
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